Jase, aged 11, Channel Islands

'I’m just myself and no one can change that. I’m happy being me. I’m not sure why but sometimes kids like me get bullied. Mum says people bully other people because they are unhappy and don’t have the love and support they need from their parents and friends.  

When I grow up, I can imagine myself on the stage - I think I’ll be a musician, or maybe an actor. I can’t wait to have a dog of my own and I love animals, so maybe I’d even have my own TV show about helping animals. Whatever I end up doing, I’d always want to make people and animals happy. I think I’d be good at helping the unhappy people so that they stop bullying people. 

I’m the king of trampolining and skateboarding and if there’s anything to climb, you bet I’m gonna climb it. I’m always creating different ways to make money and there’s never enough hours in the day. Mum thinks I’m going to be an entrepreneur. Apparently I have something called adhd but to me it just means that the world is an exciting place full of endless possibilities and adventure. There’s so much to see and explore and I can’t wait to do it all.'

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