“Photographer and dog walker Jack Jackson is a past winner with @Doggydatestoronto, which brings their two callings together. They create heavenly portraits of furry friends posing, smiling and leaping across Toronto shores. Jackson making it look easy, getting energetic pets to sit, lay down and hand over their paw long enough while they get the lights and angles just right.

Jackson also sponsors @dontyouwantmeproject, a collaboaration that posts beautiful portraits of LGBTQ+ people with their rescue dogs.”

"Public art has exploded during the pandemic, and our inaugural winner in this new category is a heartwarming one. Dog walker and photographer’s Jack Jackson’s art project Don’t You Want Me focuses on the bond between queer people and their rescue dogs. It lives online but also has a physical presence in the form of a touring banner that has exhibited in public spaces and businesses, most recently east-end queer-owned restaurant Lavender Menace. As if the feel good photos aren’t enough to tug at your heartstrings, each one comes with a personal testimonial from the owners explaining how becoming a pet owner was a transformative experience."

"Photographer (and dog walker par excellence) Jack Jackson turns their four legged charges into superstars in a series of dynamic dog portraits. Jackson captures every frenzied leap and wild eyed grin with hyper realistic detail, treating romping rovers like pro athletes in motion. They also show off a softer side with @dontyouwantmeproject, a collaborative international portrait series that depicts queer people with their rescue dogs."

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